Quartz/Marble Carpet Systems

For inside your home we offer quartz and marble carpet systems. Quartz/marble carpet is used for houses, showrooms, offices, bath/wet rooms and kitchens. In fact every floor with high aesthetical demands. The carpet system is available in more than 1000 different colours. The possibilities of colour combinations and different colour mixes are unlimited. Therefor we can also include logos, figures or initials in your floors, allowing you to create a unique floor.


Stone carpets can be installed over our screed and underfloor heating systems


The wear-resistance, on the other hand, is that of a tile. Stone carpets have the additional benefits that dust falls in between the pores over it and that it nevertheless can be removed easily with a normal vacuum cleaner.

For rooms such as toilets or bathrooms there is, for hygiene reasons, the possibility to seal the stone carpet. This means the pores are largely filled with a transparent mass which makes it impossible for dirt to penetrate the stone carpet. A perfect product to use in wet rooms to create a non slip floor.


We offer a free call out quotation service regarding any of our products and services, also allowing you to look at a large range of samples, variations of colour schemes and aggregates.


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